Manuel Bruckstein mit Filmkamera auf einem Filmjob

About Manu


I began making films with my family as a young child. It has been my way of speaking and has been my tool ever since. It continues to be my “big love”.

Filmmaking is my way of orienting myself in the world. It is with images, movement, light and music that I can best express a vision.

I am excited to hear about your ideas and am looking forward to working with you.

"Manu is a true artist, a magician who is able to conjure up a captivating storyline and a flowing narrative full of humanity and emotions using simple descriptions, unspectacular places, and normal people. Making films with him is a dream, and the result is nothing short of a miracle!”

C. , media department, Berlin Waterworks

“Working with Bruckstein Films is highly professional. He reacts to customer requests with suggestions that he can implement brilliantly and to our complete satisfaction. We recommend Bruckstein Films! ”

Randori – Oliver Roszak

‘’Every step of the way Manu was both great at directing and listening to my ideas, and was able to blend them into something exciting. He is extremely talented in seeing how light, movement and transition all become choreographed to a piece of music. He can get the idea across in a visually magical way. He is a visual poet. I am thrilled with the result!’’

The Living Design – Mallory Serebrin

“Bruckstein Films does a fantastic job, he thinks along, finds brilliant visual solutions and his image films are poetic, to the point, always with an eye for the fantastic, decisive moments.”

House of Taswir – Shulamit Çoruh

How do I work?

Concept, Editing, Post-Production

How do we go about it?  We discuss your idea and come up with a concept for the film. I do the shooting on site. Then I work on Cut, Music, Editing, and Post-Production. All  steps are tailored to your specific ideas and preferences.