Manu Bruckstein – Filmmaker

Your Story Inspires.

Imagefilme die sich einprägen.

Image films
on Point!

My Image Films tell your story the way you always wanted to show it: personal, passionate, intelligent, on point. If you are an artist, or a sportsperson, if you have a business or an event going, your ideas transform before my camera into a unique story. 

Portrait von Manu Bruckstein - Bruckstein Films


I am Manu

Working with the camera is my passion. It is the special moments that make a story. I love to capture them with my camera, and to give them a public stage. 

I have been a passionate dancer, musician, and boxer in my childhood, and I have a special feel for rhythm, movement, music, and cut.

I studied Film and Animation at the BTK Berlin film school. Since 2016, I have been working as a freelance filmmaker in Berlin.



What I do

Image films

Do you have a business, a public platform, a personal vision? My Image Films visualize your enterprise in short and precise ways. My films promote your idea –  the world out there will see and love what you are doing!


Are you a public figure, a musician, a sportsperson, businessman, someone with a passionate agenda?  I create short and personal portraits putting you and your project out there. Your ideas will make it!   


Are you about to organize a public event –  an exhibition, a competition, a public happening, or a private concert? I create a short film for you which captures the most precious moments and presents the whole affair in a nutshell and on point. 



My Image Films and Short-Portraits Show Your Story.

detemined and effective

Work in Progress – Three steps


The first step is to discuss your project, hear your ideas and develop your vision together.

Shooting Day(s)

The second step is to choose the locations and film all the shots needed. I make sure that the vision is captured in the shots.

Cut and Post-Production

The third step is putting it all together. This is when my sense for the quality of the cuts, rhythm, music and the dramatic thrust of the story all come together to create a dynamic visual.

Bruckstein Films Berlin

"Manu was the best videographer we could have wished for our wedding. He considered all our wishes and managed to capture the most beautiful moments and emotions of the day. His talent is truly exceptional. The video exceeded all our expectations, bringing not only us but also all our friends and family to tears. This beautiful film will forever remind us of the most special day in our lives. If I could give advice to someone for their wedding, it would be to choose Manu as their videographer."

Ayda Kermani

"Manu is a true artist, a magician who is able to conjure up a captivating storyline and a flowing narrative full of humanity and emotions using simple descriptions, unspectacular places, and normal people. Making films with him is a dream, and the result is nothing short of a miracle!”

C. , media department, Berlin Waterworks

“Working with Bruckstein Films is highly professional. He reacts to customer requests with suggestions that he can implement brilliantly and to our complete satisfaction. We recommend Bruckstein Films! ”

Randori – Oliver Roszak

‘’Every step of the way Manu was both great at directing and listening to my ideas, and was able to blend them into something exciting. He is extremely talented in seeing how light, movement and transition all become choreographed to a piece of music. He can get the idea across in a visually magical way. He is a visual poet. I am thrilled with the result!’’

The Living Design – Mallory Serebrin